Newdawn Alliance

Newdawn alliance , planetarion.

With the sad passing of catwomen , one of the leaders of the newdawn alliance we find ourselves once again amid a raging war between Newdawn  and its allies versus the Evil powerblock that has formed against our alliance. We will need more support to fight back in this old and ongooing conflict.

Her passing brought me back to a game i used to love , it is a webbased browser game that saw first light in a decade far far away 1990’s . But it is still fun to play.

So for next round im looking for people to be on Team uni and fight with us to rid the galaxy of evil ! So if you are interested to play a very fun game then come pm me and we will have fun!

Newdawn uses slack &  irc : #newdawn

Unimatrix :p

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